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So Much More Than a Beautiful Place to Say                            

"Aku Terima Nikahnya"

Learn Why Hundreds Of Couples Have Chosen The Avenue And How We’ve Earned Their Trust.

Our Family & Staff Actually (Genuinely) Care About You

We didn’t plan to open a wedding venue and we don’t have investors to keep happy. We host weddings because we want to.

We attract kind and grateful couples so its easy for us to give you our very best.
We understand the gravity and importance of a wedding day. You don’t get a “do-over” and we know it.

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Our Packages Offer Affordable Options

Make your event as upscale or casual as you’ve imagined. Our pricing and our exclusive vendors pricing can be found on our website. No surprises.
No gotchas.

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We Make Planning a Beautiful Intimate Wedding, Simple.

  • Transparent pricing, available packages, and FAQs right here on our website.

  • Oodles of support, tools, and resources from the day you sign a contract through your wedding day.

  • Vendors at The Avenue are professional and competent in their work.

  • Fast responses to whatsapp inquiries so you aren’t waiting days for a response when you need help.

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We can't wait to serve you.
Take The Next Step Now.

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